How its Work?

Do you want to become a millionaire or aim to buy that exotic car, fancy bike, or get the latest gadget? If yes, you are at the right place!

Welcome to King Rox, your path to winning the biggest prizes and perceive all your dreams. At King Rox, it is our mission to help you win the best things in life. So how does it all work?

Buy any of the products from our campaigns. With each product there is a draw forvarious prizes. Whenever you make any purchase you will get a free complimentary ticket which will make you eligible to enter the draw. Moreover if you choose group tickets- this will increase your odds of winning at even lower prices! Once all the available products in that campaign are sold out, the draw will be held.

All the draws at King Rox are held live and streamed live over Facebook, YouTube, VK, and many more, so you can see us give a space in between print your tickets and pick the winners from the draw box. If in case that 2 or more customers have the same ticket number, we will initiate the refund of the payment to those customers who have obtained the ticket of the same number.

King Rox offers you:

King Rox offers you:
  • • Real grand prizes worth millions of dollars
  • • Live stream of all draws that are streamed along with your comments so you can see it in real-time
  • • $100,000 guarantee if you find proof of any fraud
  • • If you are an online buyer and if you sign up using the seller referral code, you will get 3% discount which will be valid for 3 months.
  • • Free complimentary tickets with each purchase
  • • King Rox offers you two types of tickets i.e., Standard Ticket and Group Tickets. You can choosefrom any one of them.
  • • Group tickets offer a greater advantage. If you opt for group tickets, it increases your chances of winning
  • • You get to choose the free complimentary ticket of your favorite or lucky number.
  • • And a lot more!

All products are sold in limited quantities only- buy now to increase your chances of winning the biggest prizes ever! So what are you waiting for? Hurry up!

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