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Hot to get Free Millennium Millionaire Raffle Tickets?

Are you dreaming to own a brand new bike, car, gold, or even a million dollars cash for years? What if it becomes a reality through the purchase of the most essential products that you need currently or on daily basis such as shirts, caps, bracelets, hoodies, polo-shirts,etc.? This may sound too good to be true but with King Rox, not only is it true, it's also easier than you think.

The Free Millennium Millionaire Raffle Tickets are your chance to win the biggest cash and kind prizes ever.With a transparent draw process and the choice of getting your preferred ticket numbers in the quantities you want, you can create your luck and fortune! You know what is the best part in earning raffle tickets? You don't need to purchase raffle tickets from us. You just need to shop your favorite products you want from the King Rox, with each purchase you will get a free raffle ticket.A free raffle ticket consists of two types of tickets i.e., Standard Ticket and Group Ticket. If you choose standard ticket you will have one chance to win the draw. If you opt for group tickets it will increase your chances of winning. Let's go ahead and see how it works.

How to get free raffle tickets with every purchase?

The best way to win prizes is to simply buy your favorite products from us. If you are looking forshirts,hoodies, bracelets, caps, polo-shirts we have you covered. The more you buy, the more you win with King Rox. Here are the steps to follow for getting closer to winning your dream car, bike, and huge cash prizes!

With every product you purchase, you getfree raffle ticket to enter the draw associated with that product. For instance, by buying products like hoodies, polo-shirts, cap, bracelets, shirts, etc. you stand a chance to win a bike, a cash prize, a car, and a lot more such as the latest gadgets, you also can ask for equivalent cash to the prize, it's your preference.

There will be two types of tickets; Standard Ticket and Group Ticket. In standard ticket you will get one ticket and so one chance to win and if you choose group ticket you can get multiple chances of winning.

You can choose the specific ticket number(s) that you want from the available tickets.

Different series of prizes are available from millennium millionaire cash prizes to surprise cars, bikes, and more.

Benefits of Free Raffle Tickets by King Rox

  • Guaranteed free raffle tickets with every purchase,no additional conditions applied or payments required.
  • Get a free raffle ticket with each product; the more you buy, the higher are your chances of winning.
  • You have the flexibility to choose your prize; either you take the prize or its cash equivalent as per your preference.
  • Choose your preferred ticket number and series.
  • Multiple prizes for each product category up for grabs!
  • Free raffle tickets with high-quality products, what more can you ask for?

And it gets better!

That's not it, we have more for you! If you want to have higher chances of winning and even more savings, then you can buy group tickets. Pick the group you want to play raffle with. Here's what all you get with group tickets:

  • If any member in the group ticket win the prize, all the members in the group will be the winner.
  • With more tickets, your chances of winning increases exponentially!

Live draws with guaranteed winners

All draws at King Rox are streamed live and have real winners so that you can be sure of your chances of winning. Here's all that we do to provide you a 100% transparent draw of raffle tickets:

  • The draw is held live and streamed on Facebook, YouTube, VK, and many more such social media platforms.
  • The buyers/sellers can watch the live stream and also see the comments that they post on the stream at a screen on the stage.
  • The host also replies to your comments and interacts with you during the draw.
  • The tickets are printed during the live stream and put into the box before the draw.

Our $100,000 Guarantee to You!

If you think that the draws are not fair or that there is even a hint of any scam at King Rox, reach out to us with proof. If you find proof of any type of fraud with respect to the raffle tickets, live-draws, or the associated prizes, we will pay you $100,000! Refer to our terms of play and T&Cs for more details.

Thus, with King Rox, you can be sure of being part of the largest authentic raffle ticket draw that is sure to get you the biggest prizes! You get high-quality products with a chance of winning anything from a bike to a million dollars. Buy products you normally would and win huge prizes. Do we need to say anything more?


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