How to Claim Your Prize?

How do I know I have won?

All our draws are held live and streamed over social media channels such as Facebook, YouTube, VK and more by which you can know that you have won the prize. Also, you will be contacted by our team through the information you provided while signing up on King Rox.You can also know if you won the prize or not, by going to My Order section on your dashboard. Our team will reach out to all the winners and assist them in claiming their prize.


Before you claim your prize

What should you have in hand before claiming the prize:

  • A KYC verified account.
  • A valid original raffle ticket.
  • A government ID proof to verify your identity.
  • The prize will only be paid out to the user whose name is mentioned on the winning raffle ticket and fulfils the above conditions.

In case of any indication of fraud or violation of the terms and conditions, King Rox reserves the right to cancel the raffle draw and give refund to all participating customers.

How do I claim my prize?

You need to fulfill the following conditions for claiming your prize:

  • You must beat least 18 years in age or above.
  • You need to show the original PDF of the raffle ticket for online purchases and authenticate yourself as the owner.
  • Winners must collect/claim their prizes within 6 months from the date of the draw.
  • By participating in the draws, you permit King Rox to disclose and publish your name and other public data as required by the discretion of King Rox. Refusal to share your details could forfeit your prize.

Upon being announced as a winner, the King Rox team will reach out to you for verification and steps on how you can claim your prize. In case you wish to obtain the cash-equivalent of the prize, the same will be transferred to your wallet account after all necessary verifications are complete. You can then withdraw it to your bank account once your KYC is done.

For more details, please check our terms & conditions or reach out to King Rox Support Team.

Important- do not become a victim of fraudulent entities

It has been brought to our attention that entities claiming to be agents/representatives of King Rox have been contacting users to target their personal and banking information. Please note that all our winners' lists are published on our website and available during our live draws on Facebook, YouTube, VK, etc. and published on our social media channels.

In case any entity contacts you and claims to offer ‘guaranteed’ King Rox prizes, please exercise caution and avoid sharing any personal details. You can reach out to the King Rox team at to verify any communication that you suspect may not be genuine.

Please do not share personal and banking details over email or make any payments in cash to anyone who claims to be from King Rox. Kindly avoid communicating with such entities. King Rox will not be liable for any damages that may occur as a result of sharing personal details with such entities. King Rox does not reach out to you to make any payments outside the King Rox website in any form.If you in any casedo not add/share your banking details on King Rox platform, our team will contact you through phone call and will ask you to share your banking details through “Raise Ticket” option available on your dashboard.


The participant must ensure that their participation in the King Rox raffle draws does not violate the local laws and regulations as may be applicable in their country of residence. King Rox does not validate that a user’s participation in the draws is permissible as per the local regulations and laws, and will not be responsible in case their participation violates the laws or regulations and anyrepercussions due to the same.

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